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Corporate History

Gordian Solutions, Inc. incorporated in North Carolina in April of 1995. Shortly thereafter the Gordian generals set about erecting the Gordian Fortress along the southern shore to protect the realm from the dangers lurking in the Black Sea of Technology. Before joining forces, Gordian warriors fought mighty foes under different flags and in strange lands. Eventually, these warriors were drawn together and united under a single flag–the flag and symbol of the spinning sword and Gordian Knot. The forgotten days of nomadic wandering grow dimmer for our warriors with each passing dawn.

You can study the legend of the Gordian Knot as recorded in the Library at Alexandria and visit the shrine of the Gordian Knot at the Acropolis. For the warriors of the Kingdom of Gordian there is no more sacred symbol than the spinning sword. It signifies victory over knotty business problems. So, when facing a knotty business problem involving puzzling technology, seek a Gordian Solution to achieve a decisive advantage for your business.

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